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Seit September können die Vollzeitbildungsgänge des WGB die Hilfe unserer liebenswürdigen Fremdsprachenassistentin Jennie Frost aus Sheffield in Anspruch nehmen. Sie assistiert mit großem Zuspruch in vielen Englischstunden, motiviert Schüler (und Kollegen) auch außerhalb des regulären Unterrichts Englisch zu sprechen und genießt währenddessen selber die Vorzüge des Ruhrgebiets, wie im Folgenden zu lesen ist....



A Brit’s view on Bochum, Berufskollegs and Brötchen…

Having only been to Germany once for a school trip 6 years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect of the place, the people, the food, the school, the lifestyle etc. As you will be relieved to hear, all the above have surpassed any previous expectations I had before arriving here in Bochum! Let me explain…

I study at university in Sheffield, which is Bochum’s twin town- we even have a miniature ‘Bochum bell’ in Sheffield as homage to the one here in front of the town hall! Both cities have an industrial past, both have amazing links to other places nearby and both have less of a busy-city-feel, but more of a giant-village-vibe. I have come to feel at home in Bochum as much as I do in Sheffield, the city might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it does have a certain charm to it. When you have grown up in a place, you tend to take it for granted, but I honestly think Bochum and the surrounding areas do indeed have a lot to offer. You should love where you live! Der Stadtpark, the Planetarium, der Botanischer Garten, Limbecker Platz, Hattingen Altstadt, der Kemnader See, Münster Altstadt… just to name a few of the places I have enjoyed visiting!


Some stereotypes of Germany which I had beforehand have been well and truly disproved, whereas, others have proved to be true. One thing I noticed straight away about Bochum, and about the College, is that more often than not everyone is friendly, helpful and approachable. Maybe this just rings true about the Ruhrgebiet area, but it is at least what I have (luckily) experienced in my five months in and around Bochum. As for the food in this wonderful region, that is one aspect of Germany which has lived up to the stereotype for me. Bread, with some meat and a little bit more bread for good measure. Oh, you want some more bread with that? No problem. Jokes aside, literally everything food-wise which I have tried whilst being here, has been wonderful- who doesn’t love a bakery on every corner?

I can’t help but mention that I felt fortunate to be here over the festive period, I have never experienced anything quite like it in England. Of course, we have a few Christmas markets, but maybe one in each big city, not one around every corner of every street you walk down! For me, this was a totally new experience, and I believe that this is Christmas done right. I can safely say that every year from now on, I shall be making my way to somewhere within Germany, at least once, at some point in the festive season. You won me over on this one…

One thing I can say for sure, is that I have enjoyed working in, and learning about a different type of school. I can assure you that, in England, there isn’t an institution quite comparable to a Berufskolleg. The idea of schooling being so closely linked with the working world is something which I wish I would have been introduced to sooner! It makes learning regain its purpose for those who might otherwise not have considered continuing with education. Listening to young people talk about their links with industry and their valuable work experience is refreshing, as opposed to hearing an “I don’t know” from every other student.

I would like to close by saying thank you to everyone who has helped me out along the way, to all the students for teaching me things I never knew before and to the school for this enriching and valuable experience. Here’s to hoping that my last month here will be as enjoyable as the past five!



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